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Manufacturer: Ice


A top-earning arcade game.

Harpoon Lagoon is a fun, interactive video redemption game with stunning graphics, easy setup, and exciting family game play.

Reel ‘em in!

Enjoy fun, intuitive game play as you aim and skillfully shoot harpoons at the fish on the video screen. Shoot the fish to win tickets, and catch the jellyfish that lives in the treasure chest to win the jackpot!

Fun for everyone.

Requiring very little floor space, Harpoon Lagoon can accommodate any area in your arcade, game room or family entertainment center!

Availabe Options

Deluxe Shark Marquee



Power Requirements 110V @ 5.00 AMPS
220V @ 2.50 AMPS
Weight 396.00 lbs ( 180 kg )
Master Dimensions 60.00 in X 48.00 in X 39.00 in ( 152.4 cm X 121.9 cm X 99.1 cm )
Shipping Dimensions & Weight 61.00 in X 49.00 in X 40.00 in - 520.00 lbs ( 154.9 cm X 124.5 cm X 101.6 cm - 236.4 kg )

Game Features

  1. Bright LEDs producing a floating effect
  2. Realistic, ocean-themed graphics
  3. 47” LCD monitor with stunning graphics
  4. Fantastic center piece in any arcade or game room
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