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Players Choice

Equipment listed from Replays’ Players’ Choice. Top games based on earnings/opinion polls of U.S. operators.

Best Jukebox

The Angelina defines a new standard for design, performance, serviceability and value, and creates a striking focal point for any venue.
Manufacturer: TouchTunes

Best Traditional Video

The best-selling video game franchise of all time has come to the arcade.
Manufacturer: Raw Thrills

Best Deluxe Vids/Sims

A truly cinematic VR adventure blockbuster
Manufacturer: Raw Thrills

Best Novelties

Whack your way into the BONUS “Win Zone” by using player SKILL to hammer the sensor pad and attempt to win the BIG Bonus!
Manufacturer: Ice

Best Cranes

This exciting new crane features fully lit front panels with colors cast by LEDs.
Manufacturer: Smart

Best Sports/Alleys

One or two players shoot baskets and watch as their basketballs magically fall into place on the LED-projected grid.
Manufacturer: Baytek

Best Video Redemption

TouchTunes Jukeboxes

Defines a new standard for design, performance, serviceability and value, and creates a striking focal point for any venue.

Legacy exclusive TouchTunes options

Innovative cabinets no-wire, component-to-component design with snap-in part replacement, minimizes service times, reduces inventory needs and increases reliability and performance.


Multi-Puck Action Air Hockey Table!

Say goodbye to the ordinary, one-puck air hockey. In Power Puck Fever, you can play with multiple pucks simultaneously. This game-changing feature adds a thrilling new dimension to the traditional air hockey experience. The use of multiple pucks takes air hockey to a whole new level. It introduces complexity and excitement like never before, making every moment on the table an adrenaline rush.

Coin operated games

Legacy Coin operated games distributor is a licensed amusement game distributor and offers FEC vending equipment and games for the family entertainment center members and AMOA customers alike. We have been in business for over 60 years supplying coin-op arcade games, pinball machines, and amusement & entertainment equipment and vending for the video game industry. We are a licensed Touchtunes jukebox operator, distributor, and supplier. Our coin operated arcade games catalog and pinball games are updated regularly as well as our vending equipment specials. 

We work in the amusement video game industry and manufacture the Harmoney jukebox. Family entertainment centers can count on us to have the most robust and up to date video games, arcade games, and vending equipment and supplies for their FEC center needs. Legacy Coin has been a licensed distributor for vending equipment and coin operated arcade games in the amusement industry since the 1950’s. We stay current and up to date on all new and used vending machines, arcade games, pinball machines, parts and supplies. We are the go to guys when it comes to equipment needs for your amusement and entertainment centers across the United States. Feel free to call or email us for any and all of your coin-op and vending equipment parts and supply needs.

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