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The Wizard Of Oz Token Pusher

Manufacturer: Elaut
The Wizard Of Oz Token Pusher

6 Player Model

Prize Coin / Card Token Pusher Redemption Game

Top Income Generating Pusher In The Market !!

The Wizard Of Oz 6 Player Prize Coin & Card Token Pusher

HIGH EARNING “Wizard Of Oz” movie-themed Player fully automatic Prize Coin & Card Token Pushers are a completely new type of token to prize redemption game with new ideas and addicting gameplay !

The Wizard of Oz Token Pusher combines high-quality manufacturing and design with extremely high-earning potential ! Players receive a credit of tokens by inserting coins or bills displayed on the display in the centre of the playfield, then try to align the arm by using the joystick to move the arm in its desired position, and then launch the tokens by pushing a button (Rapid play permitted by keeping the button pressed in) The suspense of the gameplay is enhanced by a neat bonus feature that returns from 5 to 50 extra tokens ! Players try to push as many points and cards off the playfield as fast as they can, and try to get as many points as they can !

Operators set their own redemption value for both the red and green prize chips, and the prize cards. Many locations offer a added ticket or prize redemption bonus if players collect and redeem all (10) different prize cards!

And operators are absolutely amazed at The Wizard of Oz’s eye-catching and colorful cabinet, addicting game play and HUGE profit potential – Many operators report a full return on their investment in 3 months or less !

Wizard Of Oz 6 Player Models comes complete with Global Coin Comparator + Bill Acceptor + 1500 / 3000 Green & Red Chips, and 4 / 7 Card Decks (150 Per Deck)

  • Optional Dollar Bill Acceptor (DBA) – $350 Per Player
  • Optional Prize Cards – Bar Coded (1500) – Add $350
  • Optional Red & Green Prize Chips (3000) – Add $395
  • Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
  • Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
  • Power Requirements : 110 Volts | 220 Volts
  • Players : 1 – 6 Player Themed Coin Pusher Game

The Wizard Of Oz 6 Player Coin Pusher Dimensions :

  • Height: 91″, Width: 74″, Depth: 70.5″, Weight: 1445 Lbs

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