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SuperBounce 24 Crane

Manufacturer: Ice
SuperBounce 24 Crane

This is a great attraction piece. Kids can’t resist a super ball. Our new 24 all steel specialty crane is designed for the extremely popular 49 mm super ball. This is an exciting and attractive crane and a must have machine for all locations. This crane can be set to Play Until You Win or can operate as a typical plush crane with an adjustable payout percentage. It has a specific claw for the 49 mm ball. Also, an optional pyramid shaped dome is available to prevent customers from placing items on the top of the machine. Be one step ahead of your competition and don’t less this opportunity pass.

Super Bounce Testimonial : The Super Bounce crane is a strong earner, even when placed alongside phenomenal merchandisers like Mighty Mini. Instead of taking money away from nearby merchandisers, we’ve seen the Super Bounce crane bring in new money that makes big collections even bigger.

Sal Lazuka
Automatic Music
Concord, OH


Dimensions 24 x 24 x 72
Box Size 26 x 26 x 76
Shipping Weight 390 lbs.
Power 110V @ 4 amps
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