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Star Wars Pinball

Manufacturer: Stern
Star Wars Pinball

Premium Edition Pinball Machine

Star Wars Premium Edition Pinball Machine

The new ​Star Wars Premium Model will immerse players in the dynamic and challenging Star Wars Pinball Space environment and battle to restore justice to the Galaxy.

Star Wars Premium Pinball features two flippers, two pop bumpers with a sling, two steel wire ramps, one Tatooine Scoop target, four selectable game modes (Escape From Hoth, Destroy The Death Star, Escape From Tatooine, Battle Above Endor), magnet-powered Hyperdrive ramp into the Death Star; five FORCE drop targets, special interactive video sequences, right drain save ball feature, and a center-mounted button for additional game play interactivity options.

Star Wars Pinball features the very best of the beloved franchise, featuring the cast of Episodes IV, V and VI movies, and the original John Williams Star Wars music. All models feature beautiful hand-drawn art by a cadre of talented artists Players will be thrilled by interactive toys, along with a Hyperdrive Accelerator, Interactive molded Exploding Death Star with 9 LED Super Laser Array and internal illumination LED’s, a 4.25″ Color HD center mounted field display gives players interactive access to playing stats and information and 400 + HD Video scenes from the original films ! Star Wars Pro, Premium and LE models include color changing LED illuminated inserts, plus a incredible high fidelity stereo sound system. Pinball has never sounded better, along with the SPIKE-2 Electronic System, plus HD Displays.

Star Wars Premium Edition Pinball Machine Dimensions :

  • Height: 76″, Width: 27″, Depth: 55″, Weight: 279 Lbs

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