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Sink It Shootout

Manufacturer: Baytek
Sink It Shootout

Ticket Redemption Ball Game

Sink It Shootout Ticket Redemption Ball Game

Grab a friend and compete head-to-head with the new Sink It Shootout ! Players toss or bounce balls into the 10 targets, trying to turn off all the lights – But players must sink a ball in each cup with as few shots as possible – the fewer shots players take, the more tickets they win !

Sink It Shootout comes standard as a two player game complete with lighted marquee, but available as a single game without marquee. Includes 22″ HD Monitor great for advertising, game play instruction and high score display!

  • Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion – Add
  • Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
  • Factory WarrantyClick For OEM Warranty Info
  • Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
  • Monitor :  22″ LCD Color Monitor Display
  • Players :  1 Player Ticket Redemption Ball Toss Game

Sink It Shootout 1 Player Redemption Game Dimensions :

  • Height: 77″, Width: 30″, Depth: 71″, Weight: 506 Lbs

Sink It Shootout 2 Player Redemption Game Dimensions :

  • Height: 107″, Width: 62″, Depth: 71″, Weight: 1095 Lbs (Add 24″ To Height When Using Optional Marquee)

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