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Pop It & Win

Manufacturer: Benchmark
Pop It & Win

Ticket Redemption Balloon Game

Pop It & Win Balloon Pop Redemption Game

Very fun and modern take on the popular midway balloon pop arcade game – Players try to pop a huge actual inflated balloon to win big prizes ! Try to pop the enormous 42″ Wide Balloon to win tickets ! Comes with  a huge, eye-popping 8.5 Foot Tall Game Cabinet ! Players use the “Stop Button” to hit Pop Balloon positions on the Spinner below. Win Zones award tickets, but “Add Air” zones also inflate the Balloon. Ticket values accumulate until a player popes the balloon and then Pop It For Gold pays out the Huge Jackpot Value ! Instant Pop Feature: Hit the Target for Instant Jackpot – Exciting sound/light display !

  • Required Regular Balloons (250/Case) – Add $175
  • Optional Mars $1 / $5 Bill Acceptor – Add $350
  • Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion – Add $CALL
  • Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
  • Factory Warranty : Click For Warranty Information
  • Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
  • Players : 1 Player Balloon Pop Redemption Game

Pop It & Win Balloon Redemption Game Dimensions :

  • Height: 93″, Width: 34″, Depth: 41″, Weight: 411Lbs

Pop It N’ Win Balloon Popping  Game Features :

  • Holds 36 Balloons When Game Is Fully Loaded.
  • Earns Over $1000 In Sales Before Quick Re-Stock !
  • Giant Balloon Draws Attention When It EXPLODES !
  • Rewarding Sound System For Crowd Pleasing Play!
  • Standard Intelli-Triple Ticket Dispenser.
  • 36,000 Capacity Standard  Ticket Drawer !
  • Operator Adjustable Game Parameters.
  • Shipped Unassembled To Save On Freight Costs
  • Long-Life LED Lighting Means No Bulb Changes
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