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Omni Arena VR

Manufacturer: Unis
Omni Arena VR

VR Arcade Gaming System

Omni Arena VR Arcade Gaming System

The new Omni Arena VR, developed in partnership with Virtuix Omni, is a new Virtual Reality Gaming System from UNIS that is tailored specifically for the arcade, amusement, location-based and out-of-home entertainment facilities.

Omni Arena VR allows from 2 to 5 players to enjoy both single and multiplayer VR Games / Experiences in a fully contained, immersive virtual reality gaming environment.

The Omni Arena VR is available in 2 or 5-Player models, which include (2) or (5) sets of Virtual Reality Goggles (HMD) and specialized, ” Omni-Directional ” Treadmill stations that allow players to move freely inside any VR environment, utilizing only a tiny amount of space, unlike other VR Gaming solutions. All Omni Arena VR Treadmills require the use of specialized Treadmill Shoes equipped with Omni Arena VR Sensors, that allows for static foot-tracking inside all VR Worlds. Several video display monitors around the perimeter of all Omni VR installations continually broadcast individual gameplay and demo content to attract and entertain spectators.

Omni Arena VR Headsets are connected to individual PC’s to provide smooth Frame Rates for players, and software options are nearly limitless, with (3) new VR Games now shipping : 1) Omni Arena, 2) Training Ops and 2) Shadow Ops VR Games, as detailed below :

1) Omni Arena Game is a futuristic, multiplayer co-op VR gaming experience that plays with a fantasy of live e-Sports. The game is set in a variety of arena-like environments that react to players actions in real-time. Players need to prevent the destruction of key control points by the hostile “AI Bots”. Players speed, accuracy and situational awareness are all tested in the Omni Arena’s sleek multi-tier maps. 2) The TRAVR : Training Ops Game is a single-player VR Game where the player has to advance through a virtual training course by shooting stationary and moving targets. The treadmill captures the player’s movement to allow for smooth real-time feet tracking inside the virtual training grounds. 3) The Shadow Ops Game is a slower, horror-themed gaming experience, where the player explores an abandoned laboratory as a part of an elite squad.

  • Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion – Add $CALL
  • Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
  • Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
  • Power Requirements : CALL
  • Headsets : Call For Current HMD Information
  • Monitor : XX” HD Widescreen Flat Panel Monitor
  • Players : 2 or 5 Player VR Gaming Systems

Omni Arena VR – 2 Player System Game Dimensions :

  • Height: XX”, Width: XX”, Depth: XX”, Weight: CALL

Omni Arena VR – 5 Player System Game Dimensions :

  • Height: XX”, Width: XX”, Depth: XX”, Weight: CALL
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