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Launch Code Arcade

Manufacturer: Team Play
Launch Code Arcade

Ticket Videmption Ball Drop Game

Launch Code Arcade Mechanical Ball Drop Ticket Videmption Game

Launch Code Arcade is a new 100% skill-play, combination Videmption / Mechanical Ball Drop Game from Team Play that features a lovable, child-friendly, in-game alien character named “Codey”, who thrills players with his wild on-screen animations !

Launch Code Arcade comes in a very large, vibrant cabinet with bright LED Lighting, upbeat Game Sounds and Music to keep the game fun and interesting, while giving players the chance to win big buckets of tickets ! Launch Code’s HUGE 65″ HD Monitor plus HD Graphics enhance the mechanical aspects of the game, while offering a range of operator adjustments, including the ability to set the game to “Winner Every Time” if desired, and also allows control over ticket dispensing. Launch Code Arcade features Team Play’s new “fast-loading” game technology for “zero wait” times between games.

  • Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion – Add $CALL
  • Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
  • Factory Warranty Click For OEM Warranty Info
  • Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V
  • Monitor : 65″ HD Vertical Mount Flat Panel Monitor
  • Monitor 2 : 20″ LED Attraction Display Screen
  • Players : 1 Player Ball Drop Videmption Game

Launch Code Arcade Videmption Game Dimensions :

  • Height: 97″, Width: 40″, Depth: 41.5″, Weight: 811 Lbs

Launch Code Videmption Arcade Game Features :

  • Simple One-Button Gameplay, Fun & Easy For All Ages
  • Multi Ball Drops (4 Per Game) Offers More Play Value
  • Perfect Blend of Mechanical and Video Game Play !
  • Progressive “ Super Bonus ” Promotes Repeat Play
  • (2) High-Capacity, Simultaneous Ticket Dispensers
  • Interactive 3D Animations + LED Lighting Patterns
  • Quick, Addictive Play Maximizes Game Revenue !
  • 100% Skill Play – No Playfield Obstructions
  • Winner Every Time Game Options

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