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Elvira’s House Of Horrors Pinball

Manufacturer: Stern
Elvira’s House Of Horrors Pinball

Premium Model Pinball Machine

Elvira’s House Of Horrors Premium Pinball Machine

Elvira’s House Of Horror Pinball Machine is haunted by ghouls, ghosts, monsters and many vintage characters with horrific acting skills seek revenge on Elvira, while you both confront them together, and become immersed in a campy, “B-movie” style world filled with all the fun, humor and horror expected from the “Mistress of the Dark”, including custom speech and custom video clips of Elvira herself featured throughout this scary pinball !

And if a haunted mansion wasn’t enough to keep your skin crawling, beware of the “Deadhead Family Crypt”. This mausoleum houses a scary characters that need an awakening courtesy of a silver ball to their heads ! This interactive crypt keeps players on their toes with the entrance unleashing balls while also serving as a physical bash toy, and the interactive Elvira’s “Junk in the Trunk” toy allows players to lock balls for multiball !

All models feature Elvira’s “House of Horrors” full of creepy charm and supernatural surprises. Players gain access to the mansion through the front door, the cellar, or through the garage which is guarded by a gravestone drop-target. Color-changing RGB Lights accentuates the house in sync with the different “House Haunts” featured in the game. Lighted windows and a spinning attic turret also track players’ progression on their pinball journey.

Elvira’s Pinball Machine Premium Edition Dimensions :

Height: 76″, Width: 27″, Depth: 55″, Weight: 279 Lbs

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