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Blox Breaker Arcade

Manufacturer: Adrenaline Amusements
Blox Breaker Arcade

100% Skill Ticket Mixed Reality Videmption Game

Blox Breaker Arcade Ball Toss Skill Arcade Game

Blox Breaker is a carnival / midway-style arcade game that uses the “ Mixed Reality ” concept of players using a physical object which interacts directly with the digital world – Instead of throwing balls at a physical target, a giant 65″ HD Display shows a variety of targets and boxes that players aim for. By using specially encoded balls, the game is able to detect the precise angle and speed of thrown balls,  as well as the balls color ! This allows 2 players to play Blox Breaker at the same time

Players are given limited amount of time to eliminate as many “Blox” from the display as possible, in order to score both points and tickets. Players can also compete against a friend for real excitement ! Blox Breaker is a game that will hold it’s appeal for many years to come.

  • Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion – Add $CALL
  • Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
  • Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
  • Power Requirements : 110V@3A | 220V@1.5A
  • Display : 65″ High Definition HD Display Screen
  • Players : 1 – 2 Player Ball Toss Redemption Game

Blox Breaker Arcade Ball Toss Skill Game Dimensions :

  • Height: 107″, Width: 43″, Depth: 109″, Weight: 1410 Lbs

Blox Breaker Ball Toss Skill Game Features :

  • Fun, Simple, 100% Skill Carnival-Style Gameplay !
  • Eye-Catching Giant Cabinet Perfect for FECs
  • Large 65″ True HD Display + Screen Protection
  • Game Senses Speed, Angle + Color of Balls !
  • Operator Adjustable Game Settings
  • LED Timer Built Into Control Panel
  • Self-Reloading Ball Sort System
  • Dual Ticket Dispensers Included
  • Can Accepts Coins/Tokens, Bills or Card Swipe
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