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Bandit Express Train Ride

Manufacturer: Unis
Bandit Express Train Ride

Interactive Kids Train Ride

With Ticket Redemption
Video Arcade
Shooting Gallery

Bandit Express Train Interactive Shooting Gallery / Ticket Videmption Kiddie Ride

This Indoor / Outdoor Interactive Train Ride is a ground-breaking “Kid-Tainment” kiddie attraction ride created by the geniuses at UNIS !

With the explosion of “Kid-Tainment” or child-based entertainment devices, UNIS has taken a major step with the development of one of the most unique and interactive kiddie ride games ever made. This highly impressive interactive train ride shooting game comes with a very attractive, colorful and thematic cabinet plus “Smoke” FX (effects), and accommodates up to (8) player at a time, with (4) cars holding (2) riders per car, which traverses a compact oval train track.

The aim of playing Bandit Express is for riders to shoot at the various targets that appear during their ride, in order to win points and tickets – Players get the chance to shoot at both traditional mechanical targets, along with high-definition video-based targets, which are displayed on (8) stunning HD LCD video monitors (4 on each side), which display colorful and fun cartoon-style characters in a shooting-gallery type style. Players are rewarded at the end of the ride with a tickets equal to their points !

The Bandit Express Train has (4) separate video game levels and multiple mechanical targets on each side of the ride, which makes this unique interactive kid-tainment attraction ride highly entertaining ! Bandit Express comes with several operator-adjustable game options, plus a number of safety features such as rider seat belts, and comes with a built-in ticketing system, and is compatible with most Smart Card systems. The Bandit Express Ride is controlled by a dedicated operator via a master control panel, which includes a video system to monitor the ride.

  • Optional On-Site Ride Installation – Add $CALL
  • Optional 220 Volt Power Conversion – Add $CALL
  • Product Condition : Brand New In Factory Box
  • Factory Warranty : Click For OEM Warranty Info
  • Power Requirements : 110V / 220V @ 4Kw
  • Players : 1 – 8 Player Interactive Kids Redemption Ride

Bandit Express Interactive Redemption Ride Dimensions :

  • Height: 87″, Width: 355″, Depth: 237″, Weight: XXX Lbs

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