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En Shoot, Sports Games - Product Details

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En Shoot
En Shoot - Image 1  En Shoot - Image 2
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Product Details

En Shoot
Sports Games


- LED Lighting Effect On The Billboard.
- Sound System Equipped With Woofers.
- Halftime Show On Display.
- Foldable Structure For Easy Shipping.
- Two Types Of Very Attractive Graphics.
- Special Sensors For SWISH And MONEY BALL (Patent Pending).

NORMAL SHOT Making A Basket Gets You 2 Points.
SWISH Making A SWISH (CLEAN SHOT) Gets You 3 Points.
MONEY BALL Making A Basket With The Money Ball Gets You 6 Points.
DOUBLE SCORE TIME Double Score Bonus In The Last 5 Seconds.
QUARTER SYSTEM - Game Continues For 4 Quarters + Bonus Round Awarded
Upon Successful Completion Of Score Requirements.
BASKET MOVEMENT - Basket Moves Side Ways From 2nd Quarter ~ 4th Quarter
Making The Game More Challenging.
SINGLE PLAYER - After Successfully Completing 4 Quarters, Player Is Rewarded With A 20 Seconds Bonus Stage.
- 4 Quarters + 1 Bonus Stage = Total Five Stages.
MONEY BALL - 2 To 16 Units Can Be Linked, To Compete With Opponent(s) Simultaneously.
- Press The Multi Play Button Only When Competing With Opponent(s) Next To You.
- Compete For All 4 Quarters.
- Scores Displayed At The End Of Each Quarter.
- Winner Announced Upon Completion Of 4th Quarter.
- 4 Quarters X 30 Seconds = Total 120 Seconds Of Play.

Dimensions 1006mm x 2335mm x 2501mm
39.61 x 91.93 x 98.46
Box Size 1006mm x 2335mm x 2501mm
39.61 x 91.93 x 98.46
Shipping Weight 250kg / 551lbs
Power 220V

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