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Hit The Beat 2 Player, Dance Machines - Product Details

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Hit The Beat 2 Player
Hit The Beat 2 Player - Image 1  Hit The Beat 2 Player - Image 2
Hit The Beat 2 Player - Image 3  Hit The Beat 2 Player - Image 4

Product Details

Hit The Beat 2 Player
Dance Machines

- Interactive Music Game

[ Hit The Beat ]

- Kids-friendly graphic design
- Multi-background animations
- Fun-filled game play
- Over 20 kids songs
- Mesmerizing sound effects
- 32” high definition LCD monitor
- 8” woofer sound system
- Soft and safe sponge drumstick with attractive lit drum
- LED light effects
- Equipped with ticket dispenser option

1. Press Center button to start
2. Select a character
3. Select a song
4. Hit the lit drum
5. Hit the ghost
6. Score displays after 2 songs

Dimensions 1080mm x 1034mm x 2030mm
42.52 x 40.71 x 79.92
Box Size 1180mm x 1140mm x 1660mm
46.46 x 44.88 x 65.35
Shipping Weight 187 kg / 412 lbs
Power --

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